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This Sunday, love will be at a standstill for Taureans, unless you do something about it.

It's really nice to feel special, but if you think that the love of your life will stand under your window to serenade you, there's still a long way to go.

If you want to experience beautiful, magic moments, wake up and do some work, try to make things happen because you're working to make it so.

If you have a partner already, suggest an activity to change up your routine and give an edgy finish to the week.


Just like in love, when it comes to money, work and business there's some information you're better off keeping to yourselves.

The stars are making emphasis on this because today you could be quite the blabbermouth, and reveal data that could be considered secrets of the trade.

To your understanding, they might be silly, but if the right people heard them, you could be going home with a warning or punishment.

Don't let your ego or your thirst for gossip play against you, Taureans. Don't mess up by playing around with things that aren't even profitable for you.

If you want to save money, try choosing fresh, natural products when shopping today. Stay away from frozen and processed foods; it'll be the best for your body, and it'll cost you less as well!


Stress is making your mind fly away sometimes, and more than once today, people will explain things that you just won't understand because you're not paying enough attention.

When you manage to get some time alone, you should try meditating a little and light up some incense with your windows open.

That way, bad vibrations will fly away and your mind will receive Venus' influence. It's the ruling planet for native Taureans.

At some point you might feel like it's getting hard to breathe; if this were to happen, some thyme tea would do wonders for you.

It's a plant with many benefits, among which we can point out that it improves our mood and fights aging. Any more bets?