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The Magic Horoscope is creating a bridge for you to get closer to people who are far from your heart literally speaking.

If you're in a long-distance relationship or live far from your family or best friend, you should know that Taurean skies will make communication easier to happen.

Give them a surprise phone call, use apps to see each other through video, do whatever it takes to stay connected despite being so far away.

Even if you can't hug or touch each other, you'll still feel a connection between your souls with a beautiful, overwhelming power.


The stars are smiling brightly down on you and they want your finances to improve! This Monday is a good time to be adventurous.

Dare to take into action the ideas that constantly revolve around your mind on small actions that would help you make more profits.

If you're self-employed, remember that it's not just about selling and trying to make money; you also need to work on the business' image, make people appreciate your worth.

That good reputation will allow you to grow and keep progressing instead of remaining financially still. You need to have aspirations in life!

In other news, you should be mindful of all your paperwork, because you might have to request some papers which got lost because you weren't careful enough, with the problems that this situation entails.


Your week has a steady start health-wise, and there's even improvement coming for Taureans who have had pain or operations on their legs or feet.

Even if your looks are one of your main concerns, the stars recommend you to do more brain training and less workouts.

Try to do memory games or mental agility exercises that will allow you to focus.

If you think your memory isn't working as of lately, which could come from stress, don't be ashamed and write down on a notebook everything you do or still need to get done.

It's the best way to keep things under control, to avoid forgetting appointments, and to boost your short-term memory, which is so necessary to keep in good shape.