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You're so willing to seize and enjoy your Wednesday that it might seem like your love story just isn't enough.

There's no clue about where you found your drive from today, but that emphasis might be counterproductive when you expect more than what you actually find.

The curious thing about this is, your life will practically be the same, steady and without a scare in the world, but you want surprises, twists and turns, adventure.

If you want to find all of this in the realm of love, there's no other choice than getting down to work to make things happen, no matter if you're dating or you're currently free as a bird.


Unity makes strength. Today you'll see for yourselves just how real that motto can be.

Open up your address book and find experts in your same area, then propose them to create a group project that allows all of you to make profits.

The stars promote associations in your sign, and at the same time encourage you to lead the project.

Are you unemployed? Take that planetary drive to create a business with other job hunters.

Leave fears aside and get into action, and remember that if you really want something, you have to go out and get it.


Noises will be especially annoying for you this Wednesday; your focus will easily fade away because of external stimuli over which you have no power.

If your head ends up hurting (which is likely) and you don't want medication, you can fight that problem with lemon or mint tea, or chamomile iced tea if you're more of a cold drink fan.

When going to bed, you could try to find help to fall asleep easier, and sleep better in the end.

Surf through the Internet and you'll find many free audio files with instructions to relax and clear your mind.

Find a pair of headphones and get away from the world. It'll do you wonders if you can find time to drop these tiny beads of peace into your mind.