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The planets predict there's love and sensuality-based pleasure for native Taureans; at least, for most.

As native bulls, that means you'll have a protective day of love, and the Sun will boost your charm ten times more. Also, Mars influences your libido and desire to flirt.

If you live with your partner, you'll enjoy sensual, tender times with them, and it'll be a good day to live out new fantasies and fun activities to enjoy.

On the other hand, for single (yet not lonely) Taureans, these star-based impacts will be... even better!

So try to wake up and agree on a meet-up, a date, where your hearts beat hard and strong, in a daze of love euphoria.


You've got quite a great Friday in store, and not just love-wise, Taureans.

The prognosis seems quite nice financially speaking too, you're lucky!

The Magic Horoscope points out that money will try to sneak its way into your bag without you even having to do anything special to make it happen.

Of course, if you see you've got more money than you should because of a mistake in transactions (a money transfer that you weren't supposed to receive, for instance), you must be honest about it.

Basically because, otherwise, you could be asked to explain later on and you'll have to give back what isn't yours (and perhaps even with interests).

At work, it'll be a fruitful day for native Taureans who work in education and training, as well as for those who are currently studying or preparing for public examinations.


You look definitely good, and it'll be easy to see a smile from ear to ear on your face that will make you look at life from a bright, happy perspective.

This will be great, not just for you, but because you'll manage to send some of your good vibrations to someone around you who isn't at their best.

Still, you should be mindful of your calcium intake, especially if you suspect you could be falling prey to osteoporosis; regarding that, it's not too bad an idea to include some extra yogurt or cheese in your diet.