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Taurus Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You have to be willing to learn the truth without any strings attached. Today you'll get true news that affect your relationship.

How important these news are will be something for you to decide, because it was a piece of information you were already suspecting would happen.

You could make a scene and take everything personally, or instead, shrug your shoulders and think that it's all good and that your life will continue all the same.

It'll be a hard decision to make, and depending on which Taurean it is, you react to feelings according to your own experience, and even according to where you're standing in life.

What's most important here is, whatever you choose, you should go all the way with it; it's no good to think one thing today and the complete opposite tomorrow.


It's Monday, and the weekend is far gone, so start focusing on the next few days.

Your mind will be sort of dispersed and it'll be hard for you to stay focused to carry out your professional life, the profession that allows you to earn money.

Keep your feet on the ground, because you'll miss trains you definitely need to catch to be taken on the path to success. Don't be lazy!

On the other hand, be careful about spending too much with your credit card, because you might think you're not spending as much as you actually are.

Be careful, because tears might ensue later on!


There's important changes coming into your family, and this might make you sort of stressed or anxious.

These are unavoidable circumstances you need to take in, but others need to do so as much as you; don't put over your shoulders all the weight of this responsibility.

Learn to share tasks and to make things clear for anyone who needs it, even your closest blood relatives like your children (or your parents).

You'll also know that you can't go around in life giving advice to others if you don't apply them to yourselves as well; perhaps silence might have great value behind it and you haven't appreciated it as much so far.

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