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When your Wednesday begins, Taureans, don't think twice and wear the clothes that make you look your best and feel them as part of your own skin. Also, don't be afraid to stay a little longer in the bathroom.

According to the Magic Horoscope's daily prediction, as soon as you step out the door there'll be real fireworks awaiting you, and you'll have one of the best days of the year in your love life.

And you won't have to worry about looking around trying to find a clue or sign, because as soon as you cross them, you'll feel the chemistry, the spark, the flame.

This is because Neptune is influencing love and the dating world, and it'll work very closely with Jupiter, your lucky star, to make everything flow smoothly.

If you already have a significant other, these two planets will make sure that you find the blessing of love, without having to go find it or waiting for it to find you instead.


Since you're doing so well in love, Taureans, there could be an equally good situation in your finances and help you get a spare! But that's not the case.

A badly arranged Pluto could mean financial trouble, an unexpected situation, and something else that you could already see coming.

You might feel slightly lost, and you won't really know where to step, because you won't be able to find the differences between firm ground and muddy waters.

Thus, delicate affairs will shake up your mood and you might become more cheap and elusive than usual.


This Wednesday, the stars predict that the best way to prevent stress is something as simple as not allowing anyone to interfere in your private life.

What's this supposed to mean? You shouldn't take freely the unsolicited advice coming from your loved ones.

Today you'll do the right thing by doing your own thing! Act your own way, be a little selfish and don't listen.

A nice long walk with the last rays of sunlight could do wonders for you, both physically and spiritually.