Taurus Prediction for 11 October

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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The stars of the Magic Horoscope are making you feel like you need to speak out clearly today and to call things by their rightful name.

The problem comes when your loved one (your partner, or just a suitor if you're single) is sort of elusive.

And you won't have any strength or will to play the guessing game, to keep asking to find the truth, and your nerves will eventually eat up your spirits.

Try to have a proper conversation; you could even attempt to light up the spark that used to spice things up between you, which seems to be sort of dull and off.

Together you'll be able to row in the same direction, and while you're at it, help each other to get rid of those insecurities that are firmly ingrained in your mind, which don't exactly match reality at its finest.


You barely even noticed, but the week is already half gone, it's Thursday and you'll be aware of how quick time, days and weeks fly by.

So set a good price on your time, and start managing it wisely, because sometimes you let it run by, you spend it like it's nothing, and that's a serious mistake.

Your financial concerns will be on first row and taking the lead, because you'll get information about your accounts and how healthy (or not) they are.

Jupiter will make you see their situation realistically and it'll be time to get your job and projects done without letting anyone stop you.


There's good perspectives for health in the path of native Taureans, and there won't be any jumpscares or bad news.

But pay attention and don't let this information be an excuse to neglect and go to an excess you'll be dragging along for a while later on.

What is the best for you this Thursday to make your wellness reach an interesting quota? Mostly, life on fresh air and contact with nature.

The combination of both will fulfill your deepest needs, and if you take this chance to do some meditation while you're at it, that'll be even better.

As fresh air fills your lungs, your mind will clear up and you'll be filled with peace.