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This October 12th, the skies bring good star-born influences for native Taureans, especially if you're married.

You'll have the time of your life with your loved one, and you'll be able to find and create a proper love environment where feelings will flow smoothly in a two-way street.

Here's some advice: choose simplicity and clarity. The least you complicate things, the better the rewards will get afterwards.

If you're single, you'll feel your emotions ripping at the seams, divided between your irrational impulses on one side (don't think you won't ever be able to experience love at first sight!) and the need to go steady and settle down on the other.

This way, you might have it hard to find the right balance in your love life.

What you can do is think things through a little, and try to rule over your instinct so that you don't let chances slip away.


Throughout this Friday, the Magic Horoscope encourages you to follow Saturn's encouragement.

That's why, with your current financial issues, you need to be very careful to avoid falling into the traps of all sorts of thieves and scammers.

Don't trust whoever offers you luxury products at a price which you know is much less worth it. If you think there might be something going wrong backstage, it's because there definitely is.

At work, everything will depend on your knowledge and coherence; making creative ideas can bring you excellent success.


Today, Taurus' protective stars will encourage you to avoid an excess of meat and fat, and your stomach will thank you for that.

Instead of getting it tired by imposing a heavy diet which may cause a troublesome digestive process, with the added risk of causing digestive and poisoning issues, give it a light, varied diet.

To this, we can add that Mars guarantees there's no risk of running out of energy, so it'll give you a fit, healthy body, and an even better sense of humour.

Finally, you need to know that Venus predicts that, if you ask your loved ones to do the impossible, you should expect to find complications in a relatively short time. Don't ask for what you couldn't give yourselves.