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The Sun will rule your skies in love with all its power and might, Taureans, and that's why you'll have a close encounter with bliss and see its best smile, the sweetest and most tender of them all.

It'll feel even better to you especially if you felt like there were some shadows and dark spots in your love life, probably because of Saturn's influence.

Thus, you and your partner will have intense feelings for one another, and your week will end on a note of high and positive connection levels.

For singles, you're in a good environment with pleasant dates and satisfying casual encounters.

You'll feel yourselves becoming inevitably attractive to some interesting individuals out there, and new contacts will be quite attractive for you. However, remember that reason must prevail.


Is it time to turn your economy around, Taureans? The circumstances you'll encounter today will require you to do something new at work, to change the way you earn money, and in some way, to rearrange your habits.

You won't accept this situation right away, but you do know that life is a constant back-and-forth race of circumstances. Nothing is forever still, everything evolves and changes for better or worse.

To this, we can add that Mars will weaken your financial balance and will make you go a little crazy with expenses, putting hard-to-resist temptations and whims on your path.

Worst of all, when you feel tempted to spend money, you'll feel like there's no end to it, and that there's no way to keep your wallet shut.


If you can, save the date today to relax, especially if you're one of those lucky ones out there who can afford getting a break from work on Sundays.

The stars will absolutely be in your favour to get away, rest and release your mind from the pressure of existential concerns and doubts.

A walk around the woods or the countryside wouldn't hurt, no matter if you're alone or with someone else. You could even do some sport there, either jogging or playing football.

When you go to bed, it'd be quite the luxurious treatment to get a nice hot shower, or a foamy bubble bath.