Taurus Daily Horoscope
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As the week begins, you'll feel you're starting on a brand new life path. You're experiencing events and emotions for the very first time.

It's time to leave behind the stories that you know are going nowhere, and to stop making excuses for not changing those areas in your love life that you hate so much.

Stop finding shelter in your intimacy, bring out your inner fire and do whatever you want all the time without awaiting consent or approval, neither from your partner nor anyone else.

Your freedom is your greatest treasure, don't ever doubt it.

Regarding family, the stars predict that your children (if you have them) could make you feel bad. It could also be anyone who's under your watch and care.

Get in their shoes and try to see their point of view to help them sort out their issues.


The financial makeover you were waiting for could come far from your comfort zone, the one where you usually find shelter and hide away.

Have you considered that you might have better chances to grow professionally in another city?

Don't settle for a role that you might not want to take, because there's no chains tying you down anywhere, and you can fly free wherever you want.

The Magic Horoscope encourages you to update your CV this Monday, both the traditional paper version and whatever career profile you have online.

That's because, earlier than you'd expect it to, there might be a good chance to improve your situation and make a quality leap. Exploit your self-confidence and go out there to eat the world up.


Jupiter will sail across your skies tonight, bringing you extra vitality to face any challenge you encounter.

It's because of this influence from the stars that you shouldn't have any serious health issues. What's more, you'll be in excellent shape, and your immune system will perform perfectly and efficiently.

Today you'll also be able to get free from the grip of certain restrictions related to your home and personal belongings; take a chance and enjoy an activity that will give you the opportunity to meet new people.