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You need to break those deeply ingrained mental barriers about love, they're way too strong to handle.

You're at a stage where anything that doesn't fall within the boundaries of your thoughts and values seems like an abomination and a mistake, including any affair related to love.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you to be cautious, and encourages you not to judge people around you, because you're running the risk of being told to keep quiet in quite a rude way.

Do you like having others judge the way you love, and if you're single, or if you're in a relationship, how to experience it?

Then, don't meddle into other people's lives, no matter how strongly you feel you need to share your opinions out loud!


Because of the current influence from the stars, your financial possibilities will stay low today; you shouldn't go around risking your savings this Tuesday.

That's why the stars encourage you to avoid financial speculation, no matter how well advised you are and how many riches you're promised you'll get.

At work, your overwhelming optimism runs the risk of breaking ties with an inevitable reality you've been dodging away. Careful!

You've pulled a string too tight, and thought that you'd keep it firm and just tense enough with your lively attitude, but the truth is, it'll snap very soon.

You've been warned, but you're still on time to do things another way and save some despair and complaining over the next few weeks.


Your willpower will be weak today, and you'll have to get your strength out of nowhere more than once or twice.

Especially more so if you're fighting against smoking and you recently decided to quit; bring out your best smile and don't fall prey to temptation!

However, that lack of drive, or weakened willpower, can be thought to be quite normal if you're facing the challenge of a weight loss diet.

Lighting up a green candle in the morning could be a good way to ask the universe to send you some energy so that you can take on this and whatever comes your way.