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Dear single Taureans, open your eyes and activate all your senses this Wednesday, because you've got a party going on!

An unexpected turn of events seems to play a role in your love life today, according to the whims of the universe, and aside from meeting new people, you might even be able to win again the heart of the person you lost not long ago.

Your life could take a happy turn, your feelings could get younger and stronger again, and you'll be able to find the key to press to make everything harmonious and heavenly once again.

You're not single, but in a relationship? Then, the Magic Horoscope points out that your married life could be a bit funnier (and more varied) than you could imagine.

Still, if you're too demanding with your partner, you might feel misunderstood, or even feel like you're being asked for too much.


The word that'll revolve the most around your thoughts this Wednesday is expansion; you'll be ready to take your work to previously unexplored new heights.

Before you go all crazy and take the plunge, analyse what you've got going on in your current life, and whether you can take the leap or not.

You know, Taureans, that it isn't the same to play your cards when you're single and free from all extra responsibilities, than when you're married with children to look after.

In other news, the universe doesn't predict any unpleasant surprises, but it doesn't predict any success in gambling either.


There's times when your mood might go up and down, and there'll be a time of day when you'll be surrounded by more people than ever, but you'll also feel excessively lonely, spiritually speaking.

In order to redirect depression and negative thoughts that could drain your energy away, take the path of yoga or shiatsu.

These are natural methods that promote meditation, whose benefits are known all around the world. With them, you'll be able to get the energy you're missing out on.

With the apparently unmissable difficulties (or which make you feel like they are), you'll feel tempted to take your head down, but the stars recommend you to try not to be too passive.