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This halfway point in your week will represent a good day for love. Take the chance brought on by the stars to take important steps in your commitments.

Have you been through recent marital issues, with hurtful words or voices that have echoed louder than others?

If that's the case, you can rest assured because Mercury will help you ease the pain you have gone through (or soothe the one you've caused) and restore serenity.

Now that the hatchets are buried, why don't you sign a peace treaty with a bit of passion? That's never out of place anyway.

Still, singles will lose their dive because of Neptune. This planet's getting in the middle of flirting and courting, as well as in your everyday adventures and challenges.

This planet will encourage loner Taureans to find a steady, long-term situation to settle down on, and there's great chances coming for those who want to take the plunge and risk it all.


You need to stay alert because you'll find fruitful, interesting opportunities for your business; you just have to notice them.

If you dig a little deeper, you'll find how to carry out extraordinary, long-lasting businesses, which ensure a comfortable financial future.

Try to have an excellent outer image this Thursday, show your best smile and dress your best clothes, because you'll have to network with important people.

And in order to reach success, you need to sell your outer looks first. Make your outfit show coherence and cohesion, and let it convey the message of your soul at a single glance.


You need to watch out for sharp objects today, because native Taureans will be prone to getting hurt by cuts or accidents.

Nothing too serious, of course, but you'll definitely get a scare.

In other news, the Magic Horoscope suggests that you calm down and do whatever you can to sleep and rest well.

Doing some sport in the late evening can do many wonders for you to fall into the soothing arms of sleep with no opposition.