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Think carefully about all your words today, Taureans, because a mistake in names could bring you some trouble with jealousy and unleash a storm.

Don't make the mistake of calling your partner by the name of someone else! Yes, you might be forgetful for a second, but it could bring you serious trouble.

If you're single, someone will cross paths with you but their words won't be entirely clear. It's as if they were trying to hide information from you.

Will it be worth it to tear down walls to reach the heart of that new person, or is it better to just move on and send them and their obscure speech back to hell?

Your intuition will tell you which path to take: the one that's best for your soul, the one that gives you the least headaches (and heartbreaks).


Making money is difficult, isn't it? If it grew on trees, everything would be simpler!

After this reflection, the Magic Horoscope puts emphasis on how important it is not to spend your savings like crazy. There's no excuse for it.

Today it'll especially be a good idea if you stay away from gambling, because Lady Luck isn't looking down too well on Taureans.

You should also be mindful of your shopping cart, because today you'll have special skills to go shopping for groceries by saving up a few coins you should stash away.

How long has it been since you last put money into a piggy bank and didn't touch it in case there's bad times for finance coming on?


Are you sleeping well at night and waking up with full energy, Taureans?

The stars point out that there's certain discomfort both in bed, when sleeping, and when it's time to give the day an euphoric, active start.

Perhaps you should have some sort of food supplement, like ginseng, to make you feel like a runaway bull.

If you see that the problem is still there, don't think twice and see your doctor so that they get you a check-up or prescribe you a medication that'll help you go on longer and better.

Except for that, there's not much more to worry about this Tuesday.