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The week has gone by quickly, and it seems like Monday was only yesterday. Still, before you knew it, you've got a weekend ahead and you need to use your time wisely.

In order for your relationship to progress in the direction you want it to, how about giving your partner a surprise?

You can choose a romantic plan, and take them to a countryside cottage away from the bustle of the city, with some strawberries and champagne.

Or you could go down the family road and have a nice lunch with all your friends and loved ones; make them feel special and protected.

If you're single, surprise your date anyway, because you know that there's someone looming around your mind.


By looking at Taurean skies, we can see that today's not a good day to take financial risks.

This is especially important if you need to bring together friends or family to get larger loans through endorsements or similar documents.

It won't be a matter of constant suspicion from your loved ones, but it would be quite wise to predict major issues; if something can go wrong, it will.

You might have emergencies at work, both today and in the next few days, and this could be seen as a chance for you to having to work overtime, or having to work on days that were initially meant for you to rest or take as holidays.


Delegating is the key word for your mental health to improve, because you're deep into a spiral of high stress.

The feeling that you're the one doing the most work is quite true here, and that's why you need to give other people around you many other responsibilities.

Life isn't an easy ride, and it's also true that you've gotten involved in projects that you thought would be a walk in the park, but they're more like a living nightmare.

Except for this, the Magic Horoscope doesn't predict any especially serious issues on your Saturday.

In order to connect your body and mind, it'd be perfect if you found time alone to meditate; the problem might be to see when you could actually do it.