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A new week unfolds before your eyes, and you need to know that you can't waste a single second feeling blue.

You need to be happy, and the stars will make you able to easily turn things around one way or another.

You'll have more than one excruciating issue, and you'll wonder whether you can take your partner the way they are; in that case, the agreement with your significant other will be perfect.

Otherwise, tension is likely to happen and quite immediate, and the unique, romantic perspectives which seemed so promising will fall down the drain. Thus, it's time to do some serious work in order to make the planned changes happen.

Are you single? Then check this: to meet your soulmate, don't just stand still in a corner; get out there, show yourselves, meet people and keep your eyes wide open.

A trusting, optimistic attitude will make all your heart's wishes come true.


Give your charisma free reign this Monday, Taureans, because the stars will make your actions visible and noticeable to powerful individuals.

This is especially interesting for our Taurean friends actively seeking a job, or those who want to switch companies or fields of expertise.

Don't underestimate the power of a smile, as well as the strengths of non-verbal communication. Your actions will speak louder than your words, and they'll be very closely analysed.

In any case, don't lose your patience; even if they do take longer than you'd want them to, things are going just fine.


Stop lying to yourselves about certain health habits of yours, which you expect to bring benefits that are nothing short of miraculous.

Be sensible, Taureans; don't try to lie to anyone, let alone to yourselves.

You're perfectly aware that a diet with no action, no exercise and no sweat isn't good at all, and you won't get spectacular results out of the blue.

Listen to health and nutrition experts and follow their advice to make your life better and healthier, with much more quality.