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Has Venus forgotten about you? You might feel that's the case this Wednesday, especially if you're single.

Your seduction skills won't be too sharp today, and you'll be prone to say inappropriate things, or use lines that feel more uncomfortable than good for your partner.

Within your range of action, measure your words, if you can stop your tongue from racing past your thoughts.

Maybe you're not really aware of those mishaps, and that might be due to thinking that you don't really make mistakes.

If you're native Taureans in a relationship, you're not that free from conflict because of misunderstandings and loud, foul words.

Whatever the case, just try to apologise when you feel you're going wrong in order to prevent future harm or strong backtalk.


There's no real harm about to happen financially speaking, Taureans; there won't be anyone calling upon your door to demand you to pay off an old debt or anything of that sort.

You might get slightly dire information about your future plans, something you've been fighting for and which won't turn out the way you expected it to.

This could be a job interview you thought went well but which didn't get you a job in the end, or being denied the raise or promotion you'd asked for. Or a test you ended up failing despite the fact that you studied.

Start whatever procedure you want to make a claim, but the stars are predicting that things won't work out the way you want.


With the current environment in the stars, you'll probably have a hard time keeping balance, both physically and emotionally.

In order to avoid having a rough time, don't do exercise of a certain degree of difficulty and in which balance has a crucial role, such as cycling, for instance.

You should try to find peace deep inside by doing things under very close supervision and watch, and force yourselves to eat even if you aren't that hungry.

This is essential for diabetic Taureans, who can't afford to skip lunch or dinner.