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Listen to Saturn's pointer on this halfway point in the week: being happy as a couple is no lucky affair.

In order to achieve happiness, you need to patiently build the foundation of a relationship, and care for it all day long.

You need to learn to give in a little, and to consider your partner's wishes and aspirations, trying to do whatever it takes to make them come true.

There is no mathematical formula, our hearts never follow scientific laws, and only your intuition and experience will lead you down the right road.

If you're single, our predictions say you'll be quite eligible, so don't worry about loneliness. Even a particularly charming person could enter your life out of the blue.


This Thursday, you need to bring out all your patience at work, with a person (a customer, workmate) whose endless banter makes you incredibly irritated.

Still, today you might get some useful information or a solution to get an issue sorted out right on your lap; don't miss out, and extract all you can get from whatever you hear.

When gambling you might be luckier than usual, as long as you keep it sensible and mindful, and avoid greed from ruling all over the place.

Also, try to read more books or articles on the art of negotiation, because you should ask for an improvement in your financial conditions soon, and you need to know how to succeed at it.


Why don't you think about what you can do to help other people's health, Taureans?

The Magic Horoscope encourages you to help out people around you, whether you volunteer or even perhaps donate blood or marrow.

If we all helped out a little, the world would be a much more beautiful, homely place, and Jupiter encourages you to take a step to make it happen.

Your health will be on a good peak today, and the most you can get is a mild headache, especially those of you who work long hours in front of a computer.