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Jupiter is taking off a big weight from your shoulders. Thus, you'll be released from the pressure of certain circumstances in your relationship.

Say goodbye to inhibitions, taboo or blockage, and start living things the way you feel them and the way you want them to be.

Open up a pathway to make all evils fly away with an almost heavenly gust of wind!

While you're at it, dare to try new things with your beloved, have some erotic fun, something to liven things up a bit.

Do whatever it takes to give a youthful flair to your love life, feel free and use all the wonderful chances of love that will come to you in a short time.


Your week's just about to be over, and that's why you can't waste time to improve your income. Go for it!

Save up, find new methods, and do everything you can to try and manage your finances cautiously and wisely.

With the help of Mercury, your efforts will be quickly rewarded as long as you stay on the right track.

Besides, moral virtues at work will be boosted by the stars, and you'll get the support and appreciation of your workmates because of your good performance.

Your appreciation could greatly contribute to professional success as a team in the near future if you manage to become a role model.


You're not going to say it out loud, but you know you're not at a good stage mood-wise; this is one of those days when you look into the mirror and you don't like what you see.

How about getting an appointment at a beauty clinic and getting a beauty treatment done?

A nice facial that takes some tension off of you as your skin gets some of its firmness and beauty back.

And if you feel like it, why not ask for a makeover? Get a haircut and change your hair colour; or, if you're men, get something done on your beard to change it up a bit and improve your looks.