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You know it's Saturday, so today you're not allowed to stay home. The stars want you to go out and look into the world, take a deep breath and rebuild your heart if you think it's broken or wounded.

Perhaps there might be someone out the door waiting for you with a big comforting hug at the ready, to make excitement gleam in your eyes again and bring light back into your life.

Long story short, you will avoid living in isolation at all costs. Otherwise, you'll feel trouble slowly but surely dripping over your head.

Your partner could even get in disagreement with you, and the argument could become excessively heated because of Saturn's foul drive.

Bring out your courage and try to understand your significant other's point of view, while you're trying to make them understand what you think.


Calm down, Taureans. Your emotions are a bit messed up regarding money, and your generosity is going over boundaries that aren't really that well-defined.

You want to shower your loved ones with gifts and presents? Okay, nothing's stopping you, except for one little thing.

You can't be splendid about what doesn't belong to you; try not to go too far and avoid making mistakes in thinking what money is yours and what money isn't.

If you do strange purchases or brag about having more money than it would be expected from someone like you, perhaps someone in authority will want you to explain yourselves (and bother you in the process).


There's constant temptation around you to make your health worse, isn't there? Delicious, fatty meals on every corner, plans that encourage lounging around with a beer on hand instead of doing sport, and many other things.

Since the stars are sending you their energy to make your willpower stronger, use this chance and deal with everything!

You'll see yourselves making great progress, and you'll even manage to settle some brand new habits into your long-term routine.

And if you let yourselves be taken over by temptatious stimuli, remember that only you can be blamed for it.