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There's no love trouble predicted for this Sunday, and there's no surprises that will turn your world upside down for better or worse.

That's why, if you're single, you shouldn't expect a knight in shining armour to pick you up with his white horse, or to find a fairytale princess patiently waiting for you to save her from her dreary life.

All you can see in the skies is that native Taureans who've struggled for a while to save a relationship in crisis could see tensions coming up again.

Perhaps it might be time to perform another attempt at a real gathering this time, to sit and talk to work on whatever issue is going on, not just looking to the side and pretending like everything's fine and that there's nothing messing up with your harmony.


According to the stars, this Sunday you should let your passion for luxury items fade and fall into oblivion.

If it awakens, you might be doomed because of a shopaholic attitude that makes you want to buy more and more.

If you have expensive tastes try to step on the ground more firmly and look at the people around you, or the ones you meet on the street. Can you see how they don't need that much anyway to be happy?

You need to break the mental tie that makes you think that fortune equals happiness; in fact, you know what they say: whoever's got the most isn't the richest; it's the one who needs the least.

Or the person who knows how to focus on the small things, those tiny beads of joy.


Jupiter is sending you a crystal-clear message, Taureans: find assurance on whatever has to do with your physical and mental state.

This Sunday isn't the best day to carry out alternative medicine methods, nor to get a massage done by the hands of someone without the appropriate qualifications.

Just because you want to try new things out, you're running the risk of making your ailments even worse instead of finding an improvement in your situation.

On the other hand, amethyst, one of your power stones, could be quite an interesting charm to finish your day.