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As a couple, the Magic Horoscope predicts you'll be running the risk to experience arguments and face-offs because of daily affairs in your household schedule.

Those little daily actions that grind the other person's gears, and aren't ever sorted out because they're considered minor, silly issues.

If the sparks ignite a flame, you can soften its effects by being tolerant before your love story blows away.

If you're single, don't lose hope even if you think that everyone's against you and that you won't ever get anyone to win your heart.

The combination between Venus and Jupiter is quite promising and gives you lots of chances to meet people. In fact, there's a certain promise that what will happen is more promising than for the rest of zodiac signs.


Work is all you'll be interested in this Monday, as we're nearing the end of October.

And you should stay calm, because the stars state that you'll do a good job, and even more than that: you'll more than achieve the goals of the duties you were assigned.

Still, it won't be an easy feat sometimes, and you'll have to put all your effort and courage into it, so get ready to sweat it off.

In other news, to stop your income from coming down, be careful with minor expenses, those small money drips that fall from your wallet every day.

A cup of coffee at the bar, a mid-afternoon snack, and generally, any excuse you can get to spend the few odd coins in your wallet.


During this start of the week, you'll feel great pressure on your shoulders, but not because of an excessive amount of work or all your duties.

What will happen is that you'll be too worried about others' wellness, and you'll try to make the lives of everyone around you perfect without a single thing missing.

As a consequence, you might be neglecting yourselves a little, Taureans, and that's a serious mistake.

Don't forget you're the star of the wonderful adventure that is your life.