Taurus Prediction for 31 October

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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October has flown by in the blink of an eye, and you can feel the end of 2018 coming around the corner, waiting, lurking on the background.

This will make you reflect on your love life, because you feel like you're passive individuals as far as your love stories are concerned.

You need a bit more drive and leadership to do whatever you want, because many of the things you do are what you believe is expected from you.

Don't let headaches and mind-boggling issues stop you from being happy. Enjoy your partner, if you have someone with a special corner in your heart.

If you're single, change that sour face and go out to the street to meet new people. Socialise, you never know what could happen out there! What if that much awaited traveling partner is now just around the corner?


Don't fall asleep, stop dreaming and pay attention to a Wednesday when numbers, jumbled amounts and paperwork could lead you into making mistakes.

Be very careful not only with your accounts, but also with everything you sign, any legal documents you're in contact with. It's best to do things well no matter how long it takes, than having to do them twice because you messed up.

Except for Neptune's attempt at controlling you and making you fail, you can rest assured in any other issues you've got going on.

What's more, there'll be a flow of financial luck from which you can get advantages, and there's even some room for surprise.


The Magic Horoscope predicts that native Taureans will have an all-around good physical shape, and a wellness feeling that could be qualified as almost excellent.

Hey, why don't you use this great energy to take up sports that would do wonders for you?

You should think that your goal isn't to imitate champions; you just have to move at your own pace and pleasure.

There's no pressure, so don't expect miraculous results in your strength or looks. All the purpose behind this is to move around and avoid your bones and organs from rotting.