Taurus Magic Horoscope for October 4

Daily Prediction for Thursday
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This Thursday, Taurean skies point out that your current love track will keep on playing, and happiness will overflow and send away all trace of sadness or anger.

Learn to enjoy all these small daily victories, because sometimes you feel like you don't deserve that kind of satisfaction.

There's too many ghosts from the past disturbing your mind, people and circumstances that made you feel like you weren't enough, like you were small and insignificant.

Wake up and start being more aware of yourselves, all your virtues, and of course, all your flaws.

On the other hand, you should promote communication among members of your family from which you're more distant than you should because of various situations and circumstances.

If there's been trouble before, move on and don't make what happened any more relevant; love is your best weapon to fix the world.


Money loans could open great cracks among your family and friends, and even more so if Jupiter is badly set on your sign.

Thus, today you should avoid asking or loaning money to anyone, no matter how involved or friendly you are with one another.

At work, there might be slight misunderstandings with people who are over you in the hierarchy at work, and who are sort of jealous of you, because they know you're here to rumble.

Be courageous, don't fall down and don't let anyone talk back to you whenever you know you're right.


How about giving yourselves some time to be in sync and harmony with your very own essence, Taureans?

This Thursday, some meditation could do wonders for you, and if you can go into nature to put it into practice, that'll be even better.

So, if you can, grab your bike (or car) and go into the countryside to listen to your body, your soul. They want a little peace.

Include more fruit into your diet today, because it'll do you good, especially any fruit that's rich in vitamin C, such as grapefruits, strawberries, or our old friends, lemons and oranges.