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The stars make native Taureans end their week with a very open mind regarding love and friendship.

Thus, there'll be chances to have good relationships with new people coming into your life, and who knows if something else could happen.

It's very important that you don't expect a lot from others; just let yourselves go to make everything flow calmly and naturally.

All in all, it'll be the cherry on top for this week's feelings, because there won't be any stones blocking your path and making you look for less travelled roads.

Still, try to be a little more concerned about your family, because you know you're helping out less than you should in certain affairs that affect people under your watch, no matter if they're elders or little ones.


Nothing will be able to take you down this Sunday, and there won't be a single goal left undone if you really set your mind into it.

Although you might not have worked today, you need to keep in mind that you can never neglect the way you make money and richess, and that's why today you might find new ways to earn money.

Thus, you should pay attention to the advice of people in your same field of expertise, because that might be the path you need to take from now on.

Regarding other issues, you shouldn't be too worried, and you might even be able to afford a treat related to leisure or cooking.


It can be safely said that there won't be any serious health issues today, so that's one less problem to worry about!

This doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourselves, of course; you could even do some exercise to make your blood flow smoothier, especially around your legs.

If you have varicous veins, something you could do is lean your legs flat against the wall, to favour and increase blood circulation.

Remember that including spices like cayenne pepper or turmeric in your diet is also good for this.