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Jupiter's astral influence will make you charmingly cynical: you'll multiply your dates, but you'll reject any form or sort of commitment!

For the time being you won't want to go steady with anyone, because there's no indicators that point out your romance will go well in the long run.

If it's your case, tensions will gradually fade away in your current relationship (hurray!), also because of a special flair that makes you very charming.

However, any reasons behind arguments will be stranger than usual because of what's going on with Jupiter, but you'll be able to come closer to your loved ones so that your feelings grow stronger.

You might even show your affection in a more free way, without holding back, like other times.


In principle, the Magic Horoscope points out there's stability and harmony coming your way this Monday, and you'll manage to make it stay with some arts and skills of yours.

Your budget should be firm enough as well because there won't be any planetary influences on your finances, although there's a few buts to this.

Pluto's rearrangement might indirectly affect this area; it is true that it was quite favourable to native Taureans so far, but now you'll be a little less lucky.

In the same way, there's many dream sellers out there who might try to make you lose money by investing on fake or forged items.

You should watch every proposal coming your way under a critical eye, and don't make a choice until you're absolutely, completely sure there's no risky business behind it.


Is it possible that you'll have to do activities this Monday where you'll be sweating profusely? Because your body could be in serious need of minerals and there might be a connection.

If you get a choice on what fruit to eat today, place your bet on peaches and pears, they're full of minerals and will do wonders for you!

While you're at it, get used to replace meat for vegetal protein sources such as lentils or chickpeas twice a week (maybe even three times!).

Your body will have a better digestion, you'll feel less heavy, and it'll save you some money. What more could you want?