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There's little change going on for better or worse when it comes to matters of the heart if you were born native Taureans.

The Magic Horoscope's prediction places Pluto and the Moon in positions that strongly influence your skies; thus, the lives of some married Taureans will remain under the sign of crisis.

But, dear Taureans, the Sun's support will definitely find a way out of it, although not as quickly as you might expect it to.

Single Taureans, especially those affected by the Sun, can have hopes of spending a day in love, and for many, they could make one step further in a very important gathering.

Be careful of your words to friends; some people will blame you for your honesty and they seem to be more willing to receive a complimentary lie than a piece of honest, constructive criticism.


Remember to pay off your debts quickly, especially if you have them with close friends; and even more so if that debt is due to business that aren't exactly fully legal.

On the other hand, stars in the Magic Horoscope tell you to avoid being doubtful when taking financial risks if you expect to bring your situation into the next stage with them.

Whatever step you make today should be successful thanks to Jupiter's momentum, but don't be a blabbermouth and avoid telling anyone about your intentions, except your assistants.

There's many bad people out there willing to steal ideas and running ahead to taste the honey you've worked so hard to get.


Mars' good position will be a factor for vitality and dynamics, and it's quite likely that you'll feel enthusiastic enough to do some workouts.

The stars point out that you should include more fiber into your diet, because this also helps you to feel quite full in your stomach thanks to the delay of gastric clearance it creates.

Be careful with your mental health and analyse whether you've been kind of apathetic for too long, because you may be entering a process of depression without even realising it.

Control your habits better, and try to follow a strict schedule in order to have a stronger feeling of control over your life.