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Full Horoscope for Taurus for This Coming Tuesday 11th September by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This Tuesday you'll start your day with the wrong step. That's the prediction of the Magic Horoscope for today as far as your feelings are concerned.

Under the dark influence of Pluto's current setting, you'll be so far from the reality of everyday life that sharing a life with your partner will no longer seem appropriate to you.

There's something missing, because you always expect love to be the embodiment of magic, wonderful and simple acts of kindness with no restrictions whatsoever.

There won't be much better luck in the souls of singles, because lonely Taureans won't be bold at all, and they'll be less assertive than usual.

Don't worry about that. With a bit of extra work you'll manage to deal with these issues and try to minimise their impacts to be as low as they can.


A project with a big investment in the middle, such as the purchase of a nice real estate property, will get back into business after a delay.

Today you'll get news about it, and you'll hear that the transaction could come clean effortlessly thanks to the help of someone in your environment who has quite the interesting business placement.

As a consequence, tomorrow they could ask you to do them an especially complex favour in exchange.

Mercury will influence your professional networking area, and it will plant a seed into you to work on your future relationships and stay open to new encounters and meetings.


Sometimes you wait for those days off like a blessing from heaven, which you know shouldn't necessarily match the weekend depending on your job.

Thus, try making days off real days where you actually don't do anything; don't take part in projects that drain your energy.

Since today you'll be particularly sensitive to this positive setting from Mars, which should give you excellent stocks of energy and optimism, you should measure your strength and control your pauses and breaks.

Don't think you might feel shallow about it; this will be an indepth operation with lots of power, which will allow you to take up new life habits.