Taurus Daily Horoscope
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



According to the stars in the Magic Horoscope, it can be safely said that you're entering a constructive and mature stage in your love life.

The planets have decided to let you do whatever you want today, but while being responsible about it, so if you're in a relationship, take this chance and make it stronger.

You'll be able to see things much more clearly, and you'll even be able to close up open wounds which you weren't brave enough to cauterise sometimes.

Venus' good looks will favour dates if you're single and ready to mingle, and you'll find many choices with burning passion and intense connections.

Don't stay isolated from the world with family and friends, and don't ignore on purpose what's going on around you.

Stay in touch with the outside world and the events that are shaking up and stirring the hearts of those you love.


The sun will shine for you when it comes to money as well, because you'll see yourselves experiencing an effective, constructive day when you'll complete your initiatives.

Still, that won't be enough for you: you'll want to go further and project yourselves into the future, more than willing to fulfill your great professional ambitions.

Don't let anyone or anything stop you, and shift away anything that stands on your path; especially jealousy and envy from toxic individuals that prance around your life every now and then.

This positive attitude coming from Mercury will help you take a chance to jump into an unexpected opportunity and change things once and for all.


You need to promote a change in your health habits, so that your personal wellness and biorhythm flow more smoothly.

In order to flourish, help your thoughts get richer and chase after your dark thoughts, nothing will be as ideal as exchanging ideas and thoughts with others.

Going out for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine, travelling or going on a walk somewhere near, taking invitations, experiencing new sensations.

You need more inner beauty and to exercise your brain. It's an organ you need to work on and train so that it stays healthy and feeling like brand new.