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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Forecast for Thursday
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Take care of what you've already got, don't be too trusting or think that everything will go the way you want it to.

Today, instead of feeling tempted by jumping into extravagant adventures with no grace or class, you should just devote yourselves to the person who's sharing life with you.

Listen to the Magic Horoscope, because soon enough the pleasures of senses will lead both of you to step into a spiritual whirlwind which will allow your love for each other to deepen.

Your love will swing back and forth between two people if you're single, but if there's a third suitor, perhaps you might choose the newest candidate.

In other words, your love life will be mostly unstable and you may break some hearts along the way, if your own doesn't shatter into a thousand pieces first.


Be careful and don't make arguments about money with your family or business partners even more heated than they already are.

You need to let time bring a solution to everything; don't make choices when you're still raging, and don't let raw emotion be your guide.

As far as work is concerned, you should know that too much enthusiasm could be harmful, because having expectations that are too high could cause you to feel frustrated in the days to come.

Keep your energy moderate, and be efficient but avoid overloading, because your mind could feel the damages of all this pressure as well.


How about leaving your car on its spot and move around on your bike instead, so that you can do some exercise while you're at it?

Cycling is a complete, fun sport, and it allows you to work out while you're coming back and forth from work, the doctor's office, or while carrying out those boring, yet unavoidable paperwork chores.

Don't trust the miracle diets you've been told about lately, and don't go to the extreme without medical supervision, such as prolonged fasting, for example.

The Magic Horoscope would also like to remind you that just because you spend a great deal of money into health and cleansing products, it doesn't mean you'll be better protected or cared for than with other affordable products.

Don't let publicity trick you, Taureans.