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Taurus Magic Horoscope for 14th September

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Have there been ongoing love issues in the last few days and you're afraid that things might get even worse?

Don't fret, Taureans, because the stars' influence for natives of your sign points out that you'll be sailing across your days and nights on a little cream cloud that shelters you from every possible danger.

In fact, Venus' influence will make you spend nice moments with your life partner or date.

It'll even be time to make beautiful projects together, and you'll jump into bringing one of them into practice immediately, so... good for you!

If you're single, try to hold back a bit when telling someone you like them, basically because you might be starting to have too many favourites.

But the Magic Horoscope points out that you're no longer tempted by romantic adventures with no tomorrow afterwards, and you'll be ready to find your greatest love. Be patient, it'll eventually show up.


How about arranging a week to reduce your excess spending, the kind of money waste that makes money fly away from your wallet and never come back?

Start making your own coffee at home and take it to work instead of stopping by that modern little café, don't eat out if you don't really need it, and get unsubscribed from places you're not really enjoying, like the gym.

Despite this, you'll still have to bear in mind that there's financial influences from two complex planets: Saturn and Pluto.

These stars will weaken your finances, and that's why the Magic Horoscope recommends you to save up.


This Friday, Jupiter points out that your life energy will be excellent, and you'll link activities together through a dynamic vibe that everyone will admire, perhaps even feel jealous about.

Let fear come any other day, and if you're invited to try out new sport activities, or even a trip abroad or an outing, don't think twice and say yes.

Every experience you go through will make you richer as individuals and will also allow you to break monotony off.

Besides, it's always interesting to do activities where you can meet new people, who can be your new contacts for different areas of life.