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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Saturday

Saturday's Taurus Forecast
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Are you single native Taureans whose bitter ballad of loneliness can be heard from miles away?

Stop complaining already, Taureans, because your loneliness will probably come to an end today if you give it some effort and let yourselves go with what the stars have planned for you.

Under Venus' leadership, you'll probably have a very promising meet-up or date, but in a very unexpected way or in the last place you think you would.

Your heart will bounce and jump in bliss and you'll forget any other date that might have disturbed your inner peace in the past!

Now you'll be the ones to laugh at the desperate cries for love you had not that long ago, when you were begging the universe for someone kind to take away your heart.


At work, your ambition will awaken and you'll have far less problems than the ones you've had lately to reach your goals.

Jupiter has given Taureans a gust of fresh confidence to raise above the rest in the path to success, and it will also give you a shield to push away any toxic or harmful individuals.

Your intuition will guide you elegantly to have work match your wishes and reality, so that you can be happy with what you can easily achieve.

Try not to make mistakes when paying for bills, taxes or any other sort of receipt, because today mistakes will be much larger and more frequent.


For this Saturday, the Magic Horoscope predicts you'll be easy to trick, and any unexpected happening will blind you.

Don't back down from anyone or anything, puff up and don't let anyone shatter your self-esteem into pieces because of sheer weakness coming from within.

Today you might have to tear down your beliefs when it comes to health to rebuild a stable foundation to lean on.

It might be that perhaps you're doing things that you think are good for you, when they're actually pretty harmful.

Doing some sport? Might be a good idea to do that today, but since Uranus is influencing your health, it'll recommend you to go step by step, and even more so if you retake physical activity after a long break.