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Taurus Forecast for Sunday 16th September by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Taureans, your love life this Sunday will feel like balsamic oil and bring general peace and tranquility.

Enjoy this stage in your love life; this is a happy phase where you'll get to do great things that will be quite valuable in the near future.

You need to know how to use calm waters in your favour, not to enjoy a calm, placid journey, but to row faster and reach your destination sooner.

And try to stop jealousy from making you take a detour, alright?

Besides, you should know that if your relationship with some of your loved ones has been tense lately, you should be able to retake your previous conversations, because Saturn's restrictive influence has faded away.


Don't delve into projects whose sustainability over time is uncertain, Taureans.

If you want to do business with a company, make a feasibility plan, and think about the profits it might give in 5 years' time.

There's many companies out there that look attractive today, but they're just a mirage, the product of a fad disappearing just like a cloud.

In that case, you would only have enough for today but barely nothing for tomorrow.

While you're at it, keep your guard high to avoid mistaking your wishes for reality, because your prism might be heavily distorted.


Venus will encourage you to heal your physical state during this last day of the week.

How about enjoying the good star influences around you to leave your car parked in the garage and moving around by bike?

In principle, there's no efforts bringing you down, and the perspective of finally getting that much awaited slim, muscled silhouette should be reason enough!

Try not to move too much around polluted areas, and not just because of how toxic it is for your lungs to breathe in smoke, for instance.

Pollution speeds up skin aging, especially if you have an irregular lifestyle.

If you work to avoid sun, smoking or junk food from hurting you, why not do the same with polluting agents?