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You can rejoice and enjoy, Taureans, especially if you're single, because your personality will help you to find a beautiful hidden treasure.

The feeling of a love at first sight will come out of the blue, and it'll be serious because it'll stem from the deepest of your soul.

During this happy day, you'll be invaded by a wonderful feeling of bliss, even if you feel unable to justify your choice of a romantic partner in a rational way.

But... you know? You shouldn't really waste time explaining yourselves, whether you're asked to or not.

As a couple, you'll be surrounded by complete bliss, and if you have kids or people under your watch you'll get good news about it that will fill your heart with joy.


The Magic Horoscope will promote your interest and help you present creative projects to bring out into the light your most innovative ideas.

Neptune's beautiful appearance will be of great help by sharpening your intuition and creativity.

Let yourselves go, brainstorm, make outlines! You'll see you can make a summary of valuable information from what seemed crazy in the beginning.

The routine of life in the office has made you grow tired of it, right? That's why the time has come to be creative.

Besides, the new encounters you get today will give you a chance to transform your usual life environment.


Meditation is getting increasingly popular in the West, and if you haven't heard of it yet, you should, because it's perfect to take care of your health.

Did you know that just by meditating for 5 to 10 minutes, you can face whatever challenge comes your way?

It's a quick and easy way to open a real breathing space where there's nothing else allowed but letting your inner selves to blossom, Taureans, which you definitely need in these stressful times.

Try to close up this start of the week with a good shower or a hot bath at night before you go to bed.

It'll give you the feeling that there's nothing better to help your body relax, because it allows the muscles to lose their tension and your head will lose all worries.