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Full Taurus Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 18th September

Your Forecast for Tuesday
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You can consider yourselves fortunate if you're Taureans, because your partner will get the stars' blessing today, and there's plenty of happiness coming.

Thus, any ongoing conflicts will diminish until they disappear, difficulties will be solved succesfully and blissfully, and you'll build solid structures together.

The Magic Horoscope would like to inform you that you'll be entitled to beautiful, ecstatic times with your beloved.

You'll even connect in such a special way, you'll both throw your masks and fear away for a while.

That aura of love, of course, is also extended to single Taureans. You should expect an epic meeting today, something that will change your perception of someone in particular.

You will experience irresistible physical attraction to that certain someone, and you'll soon find many things in common with them.


The stars in the sky will gather their forces to back up your career efforts so that you can run for the goal you've set.

In case you don't really know what the goal is yet, maybe it's time to think about it, to reconsider what your goal is and what path you should take.

You'll get quite satisfying results if you sharpen your wits and manage to be watchful of what you've got around you.

If you need permission to release your projects, you're sure to get it today, but remember to be as diplomatic and flexible as you can in the process.

In order to watch out for your future, you should start getting information on things such as a retirement plan.


Under a general scope, Jupiter and Pluto are influencing your health right now, but they need to focus your endurance.

Thus, try avoiding big unnecesary efforts, and measure your strength so that you're not exhausted at the slightest form of exercise.

It'd be good if you held back your words more than once so as not to make mistakes in your communication with family or friends.

Astrology also points out that if you feel hungry on a bad timing, the best solution to calm your appetite is to drink a glass of water.

Finally, top it all off with a piece of fruit that takes up space in your stomach.