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Taurus Prediction for 21 September

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Mistakes in love have a price, and what's worse is, you don't know when you'll get asked to pay back for the mistakes you make.

And this doesn't mean that the stars made your partner overly sensitive or anything of the sort; you're just at a stage that we could call "special".

Only you understand your own sense of humour most of the time, and you also prance around bragging of a sense of perfectionism that doesn't let you enjoy your time, and you don't let anyone else do that either.

Either you put down your gun full of sour comments ready to aim, or perhaps your partner will give an end to your fairytale overnight without giving you the chance of rewriting the story in the future.


In the same way as the stars from the Magic Horoscope aren't giving you their full support in love, you're not much better when it comes to money.

And again, it's your personality what brings stones into your path, especially because of your odd ways at managing your personal finances.

Do you think it's okay to be really mean for some things and look at every single price one cent at a time, and to be overly generous for others and not care about money at all?

That's how you go crazy, your loved ones go crazy and no one will want to make business with you.

You should also learn to enjoy your free time. Life isn't just about work, work and work, alright, Taureans?


The current arrangement in Taurean skies should encourage you to do exercise regularly, especially because of the positions of Uranus and Neptune.

More particularly, the planet of the skies' ruler is the most influential for you, and thus, at least for today, it'll be perfect if you can do some cardio, such as running, cycling or using the elliptical bike.

Still, if you feel a relaxing activity such as yoga is better, go for it.

In both cases, you'll get a deep sense of wellness, and bringing balance back into your body will harmonise your psyche while also improving your wellness.