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Taurus Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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This Saturday, Venus makes you long for stability in love and it encourages you to run away from temporary flings that won't last long.

Maybe it's time to seriously discuss important projects and get rid of all frivolous, short-term affairs.

Your heart wants a steady, warm romance that can evolve to a more specific relationship which really makes you happy.

On the other hand, if you're meeting up family or friends, try to be more patient and count to ten.

You may become involved in arguments that don't actually have anything to do with you, but you'll end up being part of them anyway.

Be strong and don't let evil take you away, alright?


Do you have debts that need to be paid off? Don't forget to get up to date with them. These debts might be related with healthcare or elderly care.

Don't be mean when paying up, avoid being greedy and dodge small numbers.

You like being paid what you should until the very last cent, right? No excuses allowed!

This Saturday you'll be able to progress at work, but it'll be a minor improvement that won't bring much change into your life or your routines.

Perhaps it's time to find a situation that fits your needs and capabilities better.

Start by updating your CV and make it reach the right hands, something that can be done through career-aimed social networks.


What could happen when Mars, the most energetic planet in the zodiac, influences your health? You'll feel tired over and over again.

Even more so when Jupiter's the leader in this area.

However, you have a good mood that'll let you overflow with happiness, and make the rest of health-related issues fall to the back.

Thus, if you're going through an ailment, you won't even remember it! And it won't be because it's gone, it's just because you refuse to give it any attention.