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Taurus Horoscope for 23 September

Your Forecast for Sunday
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Venus is placing its target on you and makes Taureans imaginative lovers, always ready to embrace change, and even annoyed about habits.

Thus, regarding love, your day will be all about listening to one another, and you'll be highly sensitive to moods.

Your intuition will be a guide for your steps and you should listen to it as if it were the top authority, in order to fulfill your need to give and receive love and passion.

Fortunately, you'll see that your partner has a nice, calming personality with lots of warmth, and they'll make everything go smooth sailing. You could even say they'll be less jealous than usual.

That doesn't mean you can go ahead and flirt with other people openly in front of them, okay? If you go too far, you'll make them miserable.


This Sunday you'll be safe from need, insecurity and nasty surprises. Good for you!

Jupiter has placed a dense protective halo over you. Still, don't relax too much and don't get crazy.

It wouldn't be too bad an idea to lock up your purse to avoid pulling out your wallet and escape the temptation of buying what you don't need.

If you're doubtful about what to do with your money, don't think twice and make the right questions, ask for chats and talk away, because the results will be crucial.


You'll have a high sense of intuition in love like we've mentioned before, but this intuition is also applicable to health.

More specifically, you'll perfectly know what your body's missing and how to fill the void so that your wellness is more than obvious.

Besides, you'll get a third eye that'll allow you to know who wants the best for you, or who's coming closer with the worst intentions possible.

If you're someone who is usually exposed to cold or hot sources (air conditioning systems, fans, radiators) you should be quite careful today.

Perhaps that artificial climate will bring health issues to your body such as dry nose, throataches and other ailments similar to that.

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