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Taurus Magic Horoscope for September 24

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Today might be a rough day for couples with a Taurean involved whose relationship isn't deep and honest, or for those who are just starting and still have a lot to know from one another.

Both will show cards that might not have been hidden up to now, but maybe they weren't being played as importantly as they deserved.

Conversation will help but won't be enough to solve all ongoing conflicts. There's many small battles to endure until winning the open, silent war.

Influence from the stars will make single Taureans' hottest, darkest instincts alive. This will be a good day for fantasies to play out, and there'll be some spice in the air.


There's something you should know for sure: when you go to work, you're there to earn money, not to make friends.

If you want a cup of coffee or a round of drinks to share stories, there's already people in your life for that.

Don't try too hard to bond with people who's around you all day but don't intend to give a helping hand when you need someone to do so.

The key is to learn how to be polite and to leave all feelings and emotions on the back seat, or even out of the question.

Today you'll take a very important step for your finances, and you'll successfully enter money into your bank account with a strict program you set for yourselves.


There's nothing more rejuvenating than doing new things, experiencing circumstances and events for the first time. What is it that you're so eager to do that you haven't done before?

It's even a good time to do something that helps you defeat your fears, whatever they may be. If you get surrounded by the right people, you'll surely make it.

Also, this Monday you can go get yourselves a massage to get those knots off your back and get loaded up on energy for the days to come. Forget about excuses and look out for yourselves more.