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Taurus Daily Prediction for 25 September

Tuesday's Taurus Forecast
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Someone close to your friends' group whom you don't know will hit your heart hard. You'll meet this person today.

After a long time when it seemed that there were no beats under your chest, you'll feel long-forgotten passion and happiness coming back.

You'll feel alive, as if you'd been on a coma all this time that you didn't feel or suffer through anything. But now you do, now you remember what love is.

It may be even possible, Taureans, that you'll get to know new sides of yourselves, and you'll share your feelings more openly and won't isolate so much.

Let yourselves go, don't be squares; everything will flow the way it should. If this romance lasts, that's great; if it doesn't, just remember the precious moments you got to share.


Your relationships at work are smooth sailing, Taureans; keep working the way you've done until now.

You should keep in mind that it's not only interesting to carry your actions out professionally; you also need to play the part.

Let your successes shine, let them reach whoever they have to reach, because if victory isn't shared with the world, it's as if it never occurred.

The closing barriers that schedule your finances will be a bit more open this Tuesday, but don't go crazy.

Take care of every single coin and note in your wallet, because you know that it's much harder for them to come in than to come out.


Reading is something that benefits your mind greatly, there's no doubt about that. Every day, you should sit down and have some time to read a good book.

Reading allows you to increase your knowledge base, to be more cultured, and to prevent your brain from getting rusty.

Still, if you're choosing to look at health-related books, be very careful with sources and authors; don't just start reading away the first thing you get in your hands.

The Magic Horoscope points out that you could get the wrong kind of information regarding your health, and you're prone to adopting health habits which you think are good for you, when they're actually the complete opposite.