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Taurus Prediction for 26 September

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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As far as Taurean skies are concerned, Pluto appears with all its might, and its influence over most couples will promote the experiencing of intense passions.

It might even be a good chance to try new games in bed, or those things that call your attention which you just haven't tried yet.

Don't be afraid of pleasure, find new sides of yourselves and other ways to enjoy life!

And for those Taureans who are single, the predictions from the Magic Horoscope say your situation will be slightly more complex.

Pluto does promise love at first sight for some, but there's also great disappointments brewing.

On the other hand, it's noticeable that certain impulses from the planets will help you soothe whatever disagreements you see in your family, and this will make the environment much calmer and warmer.


Mercury's harming your communication, and you're likely to have misunderstandings with your business partners and possibly even your clients if you don't try to understand them better.

You mustn't break your word, and if you committed to hand in a project, do a payment or revise some drafts today, do it and don't wait up.

Your professional reputation could be seriously harmed, and there would certainly be reasons for it, because your actions would be unfair.

If you're sensible, you'll reach success, and if you can attend meetings or conventions in your field of expertise, you should know you'll get unique and interesting connections for the foreseeable future.


There's a pretty sad day ahead, very negative, and black will darken your emotional prism more than it should.

You tend to see things in darker shades, when there's actually no reason to worry. Instead of moping about your fate, why don't you pay closer attention to what's around you and appreciate what you've got?

Just by making some extra effort you'll finally come to find your full sense of vitality, which you'll use wisely by devoting your time to doing sport or other physical activities.

Body odour could be your worst enemy, so wear clothing that allows sweat to fade away the right way.