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Taurus Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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There's an interplanetary conspiracy that promotes Taureans' blissful love life, and that's why, as a couple, your life this Thursday will be easy to lead and quite relaxed.

Have you had misunderstandings and a lack of communication between you and your partner? Did you even set things straight in some areas recently?

It'll be okay, you'll be able to enjoy and be at peace all the same, and that path is yours to take for the next few days.

Still, there might be a tint of disappointment in the air, and it's more than likely that it'll affect single Taureans, especially if you've just overcome a breakdown or a relationship that has undergone some issues for a while.


There's excellent financial perspectives for the foreseeable future of Taureans.

If you need to make a complicated transaction, you'll know exactly what to do to avoid traps and where to aim your next few moves.

Today you'll make some serious progress in your career; you'll play your part perfectly in a new job you'll be assigned (and which you're more than capable to do).

Although the fear of the new and unknown will be there, if you believe in yourselves, you'll be the most successful of all.


Control the self-esteem problems that are linked to your body image and your physique, especially more so if you're considering undergoing surgery or getting a touch-up here and there.

According to the stars in the Magic Horoscope, you're currently running the risk of not getting the results you want, or experiencing the distress of not recognising yourselves on the mirror.

Why don't we try to make a world all together where natural beauty is the norm, where it's okay to get old and wrinkles take over our faces?

Except for that, you should know you'll be in perfect shape and you'll be overflowing with energy and the will to live, and you'll instill those values into the people around you.

Even if you get cold or have a bad digestion, you'll quickly recover thanks to the stars' protection.

But be careful: Venus will make your gluttony come out, and your waist might pay the price. Control bingeing!