Taurus Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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The reading of the skies says that as a couple, if you stay calm, routine will get sorted out. And it's true that you feel you're on a stage where you need action.

You currently hate getting bored, you need to see things happening, small battles you can always win where your feelings will come out stronger.

For single Taureans, the Magic Horoscope points out how your extreme tendencies in your search for love may come back up with unusual strength.

You'll love going from one adventure to another looking for a perfect romance, almost worthy of a story set in the Middle Ages.

If you find it, you won't give it up, even if it can cause a scandal because no one was expecting it.

But it's far more likely that you won't be able to quench your thirst, and soon you'll be moving on to explore new worlds.


This Friday is a perfect day in finances for all native Taureans; at least, that's what it seems.

But don't be so sure of your analyses if you're into investments or if speculation attracts you more strongly than it should.

Thus, it's advisable that you consider experts' opinions, because... you don't want to waste all your savings and throw them off the cliff because of poor choices, right?

Also, you should know that your professional situation will be subject to unpredictable risks, so stay alert with all your senses activated.

But that doesn't mean there have to be problems for sure; there's a great spectrum of situations that could take place.

Sometimes the unpredictable can be very positive, and the surprises coming around won't be unpleasant. They'll be perfect for you!


The stars have an important message in store for you today: you need to take better care of your inner selves, and work to be okay not just on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Just so you know, a beauty touch-up wouldn't be too bad an idea, because it'll give you some confidence when looking into the mirror and it'll improve your self-esteem.

Besides, as native Taureans you generally have good taste, and you'll know how to make yourselves look your best (without needing to spend more money than necessary!).