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Taurus Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



For this Saturday, the stars predict you'll have quite a sociable personality, open to idea exchanges and especially gifted to develop relationships full of life and culture.

That's why you might unexpectedly bump into someone who brings some fresh air into your perspective, making you break the invisible chains that tie you down to routine and don't allow you to be as happy as you could be.

Thus, being dynamic and open, you Taureans will become creative, entrepreneuring lovers who'll bring lots of bliss and pleasure to whoever you want.

Still, you should learn to appreciate flattery. You need to learn how to let yourselves be loved, because your partner (or date) will know how to listen to you and acknowledge your worth this Saturday, which is very positive and can bring some intense intimacy into the mix.


As the weekend draws nearer, you're strongly longing for relaxing plans, but can you afford everything you want, or will you have to choose your plans wisely?

You'll be determined, now more than ever, to live a life as nice as possible, which is obviously perfect, but can make your savings tremble, or enter a coma straight away.

Think about it a little bit. What can you do to improve your financial situation and satisfy a few whims successfully?

The answer isn't simple, but you might start with getting rid of old items around your house and sell them through a second-hand item app, like some albums, movies or devices.


The Sun itself will light up the area in your skies connected to health, and it'll give you some clarity to see things for what they really are.

Because you know you have your moments when you see everything under a dark and gloomy lense, or perhaps in a darker shade than usual, no matter how much everyone says that white is the colour around your life and everyday events.

This influence from the Sun will allow you to end any confusing situations once and for all, and very naturally, with no drama whatsoever, and no need to measure how far your words really go.