Taurus Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

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If you don't agree with some of your partner's opinions or there's some attitudes you don't understand, don't think twice and ask what's going on.

Try to reach the root of the problem to find out what's causing it, Taureans, because the Magic Horoscope points out that you're perfectly capable of eliminating all sources of irritation if you give yourselves into it.

Thus, it's pretty much advisable that you show your diplomatic, tactful side so that your bond is as successful as it can be.

You'll see everything happening as it should, and what's more, your sensuality will awaken beautifully under the influence and drive of Mars.

As native Taureans, you're part of the zodiac's group of great lovers, and today you'll be particularly gifted to quench your thirst for romance.


Today any new business could be profitable, especially for Taureans who are starting up a business in the leisure and hotel business.

Still, be careful with illusions and hearing what you want to hear. The evil planet of Neptune could encourage some native Taureans to get involved in dirty business.

Of course, that isn't completely sure, but just in case be careful to avoid financial or legal issues in a few weeks' time.

Your dreams are hitting your head hard, you're longing to improve your life quality and to change up your routine; to travel, grow, improve.

Watch out, because your wishes to spend money will be dangerously awake and, if you choose to aim too high, your bank account will be all dried out and devastated.


In case you've been diagnosed with an illness or disorder and you're not convinced of the diagnosis, don't think twice and go find a second expert opinion.

Perhaps even a third, because healthcare experts are human, after all, and they could make mistakes or misread diagnoses that aren't really the truth.

Haven't you yourselves made mistakes at work more than once?

Except this small issue, we can say you'll be healthy and strong, and that Mars will allow you to find a better health status than what you've had lately.