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Taurus Daily Prediction for September 30

Sunday's Taurus Forecast
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your relationships (and here the Magic Horoscope doesn't only mean your partner, but your family and other loved ones as well) will have an aura of great tenderness about them, the cherry on top to end your week (and September itself).

If you have an other half, there'll be more conversations and some arguments from earlier days that didn't really heal up could finally get sorted out.

Take out those invisible corsets that make you straighter and stiffer than what you'd want to be, so that your craziest love fantasies are responded to and fulfilled.

You're not aware of how devilishly sexy you can be because of Mercury's influence! If you want to, you'll use and abuse your power of seduction and you'll experience beautiful moments with it.


Regarding your finances, don't run risks or spend a big amount of cash happily which you're not sure you'll get back (because unfortunately earning it is much harder than spending it, right?).

It really won't be the time to start spending money on what you don't need, and there'll be pointers that make you aware of it... Stay alert!

Besides, you need to know that some financial issues might bring around heated arguments with your spouse or partner, or even your kids, according to the stars' predictions.

Professionally speaking, you need to stay awake, because there'll be a chance to network and show your work to influencing individuals who could do lots for you and selflessly.


You'll say farewell to September with more or less unexpected problems at home that will drain down your energy, the same you need to face your daily duties at work, in the family and so many other areas.

Try to get these problems sorted out as soon as you can, using all your common sense and effort, and don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

At least, you can remember that Pluto will have a good influence on you and it will somehow protect you, strengthening your immune system and giving it good physical endurance.

Some exercise and having a nice bath with salts by candlelight would be perfect when the day is done.