Read Your Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Wednesday 5th September

Wednesday's Taurus Forecast
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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The strongest couples will get a chance to exchange great ideas, and the Magic Horoscope recommends art as the main method for sensory gathering.

Venus will help you to enjoy quite a nice evening through music, and face-to-face conversations will have a more romantic flair than usual.

If you choose to watch a movie together, how about watching one with lots of erotica which encourages you to play with each other and promotes the rebirth of a passionate flame that isn't always at its hottest?

If you're single, your inner bull will also become very sensual, and you'll be on the lookout for unbridled, intense seduction.

Get out into the streets and you'll come to meet someone with whom to spend a lovely evening.


You should keep an eye out for interesting opportunities and business deals expanding before you. As Taureans you'll get the chance to carry out profitable financial transactions, as long as there's not too much risk involved.

If you have more than one job to be able to bring money home (something which is unfortunately quite usual) you may find it hard to bring together career needs and family responsibilities.

This could even make you feel torn apart and ready to beg God for a magic formula to divide or clone yourselves, and unfortunately that's not a possibility.

With a retrograde Jupiter, the Magic Horoscope points out you're at risk of being the victim of a theft or robbery, so protect your home well, and don't go to the streets with a big stack of cash. Just in case.


If you're on a diet, the stars encourage you to take a break, and if you're on a restrictive, low-cal diet, even more so.

Did you know that fat is essential for our bodies to function properly? Learn to dose up and divide, it's the key to wellness.

If you feel your pressure is higher than usual and you're so stressed you can't even focus, you could try escaping into the woods or the countryside.

Do some meditation while you're stepping on the ground barefoot; pet the trees and let the Earth's energy reach you.