Full Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for Thursday September 6th

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Words could have quite an erotic feel today, the way you communicate could unexpectedly become your best weapon of mass seduction.

According to the Magic Horoscope, Venus will influence Taureans so that a friendly, casual chat with someone becomes a sensual chat out of the blue.

If you're single, don't think twice and let it all out; live your dreams any way you want, because you deserve it.

However, maybe you should hold back a little if you're in a relationship, because things might come under the spotlight later on, or even worse, there could be serious misunderstandings that go all the way to the point of no return.


In order for your mind to keep working the way it's done up to now, or even better, it's time to stop working when your shift is over.

You can't think about work all the time and try to control everything, thinking about what you'll do first thing in the morning when you get up.

Of course, it's great that you work so hard at your job and when you're trying to make money, but you also need to get away from it and take a break.

Perhaps it's time to start considering getting a day off to do some fun activities that let you bring your mind somewhere else.

How about getting an early holiday? But you need to promise yourselves you won't live right next to the computer or the phone.

Learning to delegate is a must, and trusting in the people on your team as well.


With Uranus and Pluto at a good setting for taking care of your physical state, there's great chances of fatigue skipping you completely.

Your energy will be moderate and gradual, you'll know how to manage it the right way, and if you see you've still got lots of it by the end of the night, don't think twice and get out into the streets for a night run.

You need to be aware that you have to take a chance to do what you normally can't do on the days you find yourselves all powered up with fresh batteries. Other days you don't have enough strength or you feel lazy, but not today.