Horoscope for Those Born Under the Taurus Sign for Friday 7th September by Magic Horoscope

Prediction for Friday
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Venus looks bright and clear on your skies. What does this mean?

It means that the planet of the goddess of love and fertility will give utmost priority to your love life, and your willingness to bring someone new into the family if you're considering it.

Taureans in a relationship will meet excellent bliss for both, and even though there may be incidents happening, whatever goes on, you need to know that the current events will benefit you in the medium or long run.

If you've had emotional issues with someone you just started seeing, today you'll be able to strengthen those beautiful and intense first emotional ties.


When you're at work, do you have specific responsibilities and people working under your command?

If that's a yes, be careful; in some cases, today's environment may be related to a rebellious, protest-prone attitude.

Did you know someone could even pound the alarm? There's something coming that's hard to manage! What you can do first is avoid direct confrontation.

All of this comes from Jupiter retrograde, and just like this planet, things aren't moving fast enough for you financially speaking.

It's not just that you have that feeling, your projects are actually taking a while to take off.


Thanks to Uranus' unconditional support for native Taureans, today you'll find better physical, and especially psychological, balance.

From first thing in the morning you'll feel sort of spiritually free, as if someone had taken a weight off your shoulders and it wasn't that hard to move around.

To avoid anything from going wrong on this initially perfect day, make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle: this will allow your health to constantly be at its best.

Watch out for too much salt on your food, whether it is from foods that are already salty (some preserves, for instance, sauces like soy...) or the salt you put on your plate yourselves, straight from the shaker.

You already know that a higher consumption of salt than usual promotes the risk of developing heart illnesses, a high and out-of-control blood pressure, or even early onset diabetes.