Taurus Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 8th September

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The watercolour paints of your love may not dye your life with the tones you'd like them to, as hard as you may try.

But although not everything is flashing pink, at least metaphorically, you know you can count on Venus today to turn your relationship into a rainbow, Taureans.

Even in the direst of situations light and harmony will end up showing, and they will make evil diminish and fade.

Besides, the Magic Horoscope points out that Mars will intensify your desire and passion, although it won't go far enough to turn into reckless lust.

Thus, if you've been experiencing emotional issues lately, you can know it's all over, and today you'll be able to deliver a speech to make peace ever so beautifully.

Venus' position should guarantee a love life filled with delightful surprises if you're single, and you'll have quite an intense passion anyway.


Mercury's drive will favour money transactions, especially more so if you make a living from computers or electronics.

You'll learn to play tunes that will give harmony to your life at work, which will make you beautifully satisfied because you do things well and successfully.

Still, there's also a warning to make your financial health as radiant as you want it to be, because you're the only ones who can threated your budget balance with your behaviour.

According to Taurean skies, this September 8th there won't be any highly negative star influencing your finances.


It is true that, because of the stars' influence, you'll be really excited about your chores today and in the days to come, but just for your own good, don't neglect your fitness and try to stay fit.

How about doing some sport but seeing it as a game? It might be quite a good idea, especially with the amount of energy coming from Jupiter.

In fact, you'll need to drain your batteries; but do it gradually and don't forget to warm up in order to avoid mistakes.

Listen to any advice you can get on nutrition today, because it'll be very valuable if you turn their theory into practice.